10W Solar Lighting Set

ISS-10-7Q 10W Solar Power Set With 1 x 10W Solar Panels. 2 sets of 3W Led Light Bulbs with 10m cable. 1 x USB charger for mobile phone (10 adapters)1 x AC-DC 16V adapter for charging from AC
$137.72 excl tax

ISS-10W-7Q  10W Solar Power Light Set


Ideal for camping, fishing or places without power. It can provide some basic lighting, cell phone charging and also power a 12V TV if available (optional extra)


- ± 15 hours with one light bulb, ± 15 hours with 2 light bulbs
- ± 18 hours usage with USB Fan
- ± 8 hours usage with 12V TV
- Can be charged by Solar panels in ± 5 hour or by charger

Set Includes:

- 10W Solar Panel with 8m cable
- Power Box
- 2 Led Bulbs with 10m Cable + On/Off Switch
- USB charger for mobile phone (10 adapters)
- AC-DC 16V adapter

Optional Extra's

- USB Fan
- 12V 15" TV



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