Quick Check Multi-Function Precision Instrument Calibrator

QCC- Quick-Check World's First Single Piece Multi-Function Check Standard for Calibration or Verification of Various Precision Measuring Instruments in just in few seconds at workplace to minimize measurement error and to reduce rework, rejection & wastage in supply chain Calibration or Verification
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Quick Check Multi-Function Precision Instrument Calibrator


Quick Check works as a master gauge to calibrate or verify various measuring instruments daily or prior to use at workplace like Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Depth Micrometers, Height Gauges, Depth Gauges, Bore Gauges, Internal Calipers, External Calipers, Micrometer Heads, Dial Gauges, Bevel Protractors, Try Square, VBlock, Electronic Probes and Combination Sets etc. Apart from that Quick check can verify instruments with different ranges, least counts, makes, models and types as available worldwide. Some of the instruments that can be checked include the following;

- Outside Micrometers
- Lever & Plunger Dial Gauges
- Outside & Inside Calipers
- Height Gauges
- Bore Gauges
- Digital Calipers
- Vernier Calipers
- Point & Flute Micrometers
- Depth Micrometer & Micrometer Heads
- Combination Sets
- Try Square & V Blocks


Salient features of the Quick Check are… Compact design, multi-function, multi-dimension, precise, all sides usable, simple, easy to use & no attachment or loosen accessories because it is very difficult to maintain master instruments with accessories at workplace area and sometimes improper selection & fitment of loosen parts incurred error in inspection process like slip gauges. Quick Check does not require special skills to handle any person with some basic knowledge of inspection & measurement can use it easily.

With respect to its construction & shape every contour, bore, slots, angle, pin, steps & relief have its own strong technical or functional reason and are arranged so beautifully to cater maximum instruments varieties. It
covers parameters like length, dia, angle, depth, straightness, perpendicularity etc. Further related dimensions are laser marked at various places which makes Quick Check just plug and play device.

Due to its compactness & versatility it can be very useful 
for almost all type of manufacturing industries like Automobile, Aerospace, Railways, Shipping, Defence, Consumer Goods, Electrical, Electronics, Tool Rooms, Power Plants, Rubber, Plastic, Sheet Metal, Casting, Forging etc. In other way we can say Quick Check may be an integral part of any inspection process to improve overall accuracy, precision, stability, consistency and reliability of measurement system. Quick Check feels like a component and users can train the

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